NASA Annual Tech

FYI NASA now charges for at the track annuals for Race & TT Groups.

We offer by appointment annual tech inspection in the evenings & weekends.  As racers we understand how incredibly convenient this can be to not have to take time off work to get your car inspected.

We DO NOT do inspections for HPDE cars, NASA does this at the track for free.

Also all of our annual inspections include a timed car exit test and inspection your driver safety gear.  Please do not try your equipped escape (helmet, H&N, and gloves on) for the first time during the inspection.  You must bring your gear with you!

Free annual tech for existing data system customers, SpecE30 participants, and if we did your prior year tech inspection.  Basic HPDE inspections are free at the track from NASA.

We charge for inspection by special appointments (i.e. when we are not normally at the shop), missed appointments, special inspection/troubleshooting requests and unprepared inspectees. 

Rates: $70 max for a new logbook or complete re-inspection (no prior year annual)
$35 max for an annual update (inspected the previous year)
We say max because if shop rate ends up begin less you pay the lesser amount.
Shop rate is $70/hour

What you need to do before the inspection is to make sure have looked at the two tech forms in advance or you risk not getting signed off.  Email us for the forms if you didn’t already get them from the NASA website.  Those are all the items that will be covered during the inspection.  Feel free to email us with any questions you have as you are doing your self inspection.