N54 JB4 $479

N54 JB4 w/USB $509

N55 JB4 $529

Dual Cone Intake (DCI) $95

N54 Chargepipe $239

N55 Chargepipe $279

Full Line of Burger Motorsport Products Available

ECU tuners, Intakes, Downpipes, Intercoolers, Chargepipes, PCV Catch Can

Here are some of more popular item, just inquire for more details


BMW Performance LSD Units

3 types of static lock options, alternate final drive ratios; backed by a 3 year warranty!

Let’s discuss your needs and find the right solution for you.  Be sure to include the year, model & transmission type of your BMW.

346whp/362 ft-lbs on 91 octane with just a JB4!

384whp/400 ft-lbs on 93 octane with JB4, DCI, and downpipes

Stock N54 power at the wheels:

266whp/292 ft-lbs

Bavarian Technic Diagnostic Cable

Local service for your BMW or MINI, code reading & code reset:  $40

Week long rental available with deposit.

Full details on what the cable can do:  Bavarian Technic

Full Line of AKG Motorsport Products Available

Mounts, shifters, suspension pieces, reinforcement plates, etc...

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